10 Ways to Know You’re a Writer

Stories are the Wildest Things

You’ve wondered, right?

You’ve asked yourself this question many times and you’re reading this post to find out, “Am I a writer?”

Like a hypochondriac checking out WebMD for signs and symptoms, you scour articles and blog posts for the telltale signs and symptoms that you’ve got what it takes to declare yourself a writer.

I do, too. That’s why I came up with this list of 10 Ways to Know You’re a Writer.

After reading the list, click on the links to the other great blog posts and articles that relate to each of these ideas.

Please leave me a comment about which symptoms you come down with most often, or add some new ones of your own.

You Know You’re a Writer if…

10. You take really long showers because you’re working on a writing problem or your fictional characters are having conversations in your head and…

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The art of ‘Catfishing’

Social media and the internet can be one of the most hostile and devastating places teens can be apart of in our generation!

Many teens feel they aren’t pretty or handsome enough or willing to show enough skin in there pictures to be able to enjoy social media! This then means many can have low self esteem and the only way to deal with it is to create an ‘alter ego’ or a second self normally using someone else’s identity!

While this can make them feel happier and they enjoy the extra attention they often, normally without realising, neglect the person on the other end of that message’s feelings!

The recipient of the messages can left feeling heart broken and used as well as possibly having some trust issues as they get older and in future relationships! No one should ever be put in a position where they feel like this due to someone lying about their identity, despite this there are 1000s of fake profiles on all social media sites whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MeowChat or tumblr! All of these social media outlets will have people who use fake profiles to make friends or even to find people who could be more than friends!

There are some possible ‘telltale signs’ that you are being catfished; most people have skype or FaceTime on there phones, iPads or computer so if they are unable to video chat it should come at a surprise! Especially if you’ve been talking for a long period of time.

If you have been talking for a long period of time you would think they’d age so if you’ve been talking for years and in there pictures they haven’t changed one bit that may be a sign that they could be fake and just stealing others photos!

Other signs include:
-Less than 100 friends on Facebook
-Don’t like phone calls
-Claims to be a model
-Visits don’t pan out, last minute cancellations
-Can’t get a physical address

Don’t worry there are ways in which you can protect yourself from a possible catfish!

You can simply search there full name! Whether this be on Facebook, google, Instagram! If you see something potentially ‘fishy’ or nothing at all that could be a bad sign!

The best one off all is to ALWAYS give yourself a time limit! If your talking to someone who has yet to prove they are 100% who they claim to be give yourself an amount of time before you just say “no” whether it’s a week, a month or even a year! Just make sure you have a cut off point so you don’t get too hurt if they are fake!

Don’t forget to like, follow and re-blog if you enjoyed and leave a comment if you’ve ever encountered a catfish or if you are a catfish, maybe you’d like to give your side!

Is online love real?

Hello WordPress! After what seems an eternity of contemplating what to write about, I’ve finally decided!

If you had asked me 3 or 4 weeks ago if I felt you could fall in love over the internet to a complete stranger I would have said you are crazy! I would’ve said a random stranger cannot have that big affect on your life without physically meeting that person! How WRONG was I?

7 weeks tomorrow to the day I met someone which I have an unbelievable connection with! Not only are we capable of making each other laugh and having fun we can have a deep and meaningful conversation together for hours on end whether it’s over social media or on the phone without getting bored or having awkward pauses!

This has led to me being able to trust and believe her more than I can trust my own family! I feel I can tell her ANYTHING and I know she won’t make fun or tell anyone else, hopefully she feels the same way about me!

Whenever I talk to her and see her face, which is wonderfully beautiful btw, I can’t help but grin and smile like an idiot! This may sounds all lovey dovey to you but it’s actually unreal the effect she has on me! We’ve managed to face time for 18 hours straight without a dull moment! We talk everyday and every night! We are planning to meet later on this year and that day can’t come quick enough!

I’d like to finish off by saying, we often wish we lived closer! But I feel if we had lived closer we would have never met or had the same connection! So in a way I am thankful we live in the opposite sides of the country! And I’d like to thank social media for bringing us together!


Hello to the world of WordPress!

Well hi guys! Here is the place where I shall be writing about whatever takes my fancy! Some days I’ll write about sport, others it could be music and movies, as well as many other topics! If there’s anything you want to know just ask. Also if I get a good response and can motivate myself to carry on I will create a twitter account to interact with you guys.

Thanks for reading


Some stranger writing about whatever the heck he wants